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 กีต้าไฟฟ้า Fender Stratocaster เปิดตัวในปี 1954 ด้วยบอดี้ที่โครงเว้ามีเอกลักษณ์ เสียงเฉียบ และไวเบรโตโดเด่นเข้ากับนักกีต้าร์ได้หลายรุ่น ด้วย 22 เฟรต คอเมเบิ้ล สีสดใสทันสมัย ฟินนิชปิดงานในแนววินเทจ พร้อมปิ๊กอัพ Alnico 5 strat ที่มีให้เล่นถึง 3 ซีรีส์ ส่งต่อตำนานความปังจาก Strat ที่ไม่เคยทำให้คุณผิดหวัง


  • จำนวนสาย : 6 สาย
  • เหมาะสำหรับคนถนัดขวา
  • Solidbody ไม้แท้ทั้งตัว
  • บอดี้ทรง Stratocaster
  • บอดี้ทำจากไม้ Alder
  • เคลือบเงาด้วยโพลิเอสเตอร์
  • คอไม้ Maple
  • คอทรงModern C
  • รัศมี 9.5″
  • ฟิงเกอร์บอร์ดทำจากไม้ Pau Ferro
  • ฟิงเกอร์บอร์ดอินเลย์แบบ White Dots
  • จำนวนเฟรต22, Medium Jumbo
  • ขนาด 25.5″
  • นัทกว้าง 1.650″
  • นัททำจาก Synthetic Bone
  • บริดจ์ Synchronized Tremolo 2 ตำแหน่ง
  • จูนเนอร์ Fender Standard Die-cast Sealed
  • ปิ๊กอัพคอ Player Series Alnico 5 Strat Single-coil
  • ปิ๊กอัพกลางPlayer Series Alnico 5 Strat Single-coil
  • ปิ๊กอัพบริดจ์ Player Series Alnico 5 Strat Single-coil
  • ตัวควบคุมมี 1 master volume 2  tone และสวิตช์ปิ๊กอัพเบรด 5 ทาง
  • สาย Fender NPS, .009-.042


The Fender Player Series Strat

The Fender Stratocaster Introduced in 1954, the Strat has flaunted its svelte body curves, tonal dexterity, and expressive vibrato in the capable hands of guitarists cross-genre. At once a working musician’s axe and cultural icon, the Fender Player Series Stratocaster takes the grand tradition into the future with a fast-action 22-fret maple neck, vibrant vintage-inspired finishes, and three Player Series Alnico 5 Strat pickups that deliver all the legendary spank and sparkle you expect from a Strat.

Fender’s Player Series: vintage vibe, modern edge

For their new Player Series guitars, Fender went back to the drawing board with updated radii for more historically accurate body shapes, new vintage-inspired finishes, and a classic logo that harkens back to the Fenders of yesteryear. But these smooth-playing instruments also look to the future with modern enhancements that include 22 fret necks, upgraded bridges for better sustain, and new Alnico 5 pickups that crank out legendary Fender tone by the boatload.

The timeless classic, with Player Series upgrades

Though the original Stratocaster was first introduced more than 60 years ago, it’s unquestionably more popular now than ever. The Player Series Stratocaster combines the guitar’s sleek, elegant lines with the perfect blend of vintage and modern features. You start with the classic comfort-contoured alder body with a gloss polyester finish, then add a 3-ply parchment pickguard and a trio of Player Series Alnico 5 Strat single-coil pickups. The Strat’s original master volume plus two tone pot configuration left the bridge pickup without a tone control; but in the Player Series Strat, Tone 1 operates on both the neck and middle pickups, while Tone 2 is dedicated to the bridge pickup.

The trademark Strat sound

Leo Fender designed the original Stratocaster with three single-coil pickups, enabling it to produce sounds that no other guitar could — particularly once players discovered they could lodge the 3-position blade switch in those in-between positions to access polarity-reversed neck/middle and bridge/middle pickup combinations that produced what is affectionately called the Strat “quack.” The Fender Player Series Stratocaster comes with three sweet-sounding single-coil pickups selected by a modern, 5-position blade switch, making it easy to nail those glassy Strat sounds with a flick of the switch.

Fast-playing modern C-shaped maple neck

In keeping with contemporary player preferences, the Player Series Stratocaster sports a comfortable modern C shape maple neck and a 9.5″-radius fingerboard with 22 medium-jumbo frets. The neck is finished with a smooth satin polyurethane for a sleek, fast feel. With its sleek body contours and highly playable neck, it’s no wonder that the Fender Stratocaster has remained one of the most popular guitars on the planet for decades.

Fender Player Series Stratocaster Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Comfort-contoured alder body, gloss polyester finish
  • Maple, modern C-shaped neck (satin polyurethane finish)
  • 9.5″-radius fingerboard with 22 medium-jumbo frets
  • 3 Player Series Alnico 5 Strat single-coil pickups
  • Fender 2-point “Synchronized Tremolo” floating vibrato bridge/tailpiece
  • Fender standard cast/sealed tuning machines
  • Synthetic bone nut, width: 1.650″
  • 25.5″ scale length
  • Chrome hardware


  • Number of Strings : 6
  • Left-/Right-handed : Right-handed
  • Body Type : Solidbody
  • Body Shape : Stratocaster
  • Body Material : Alder
  • Body Finish : Gloss Polyester
  • Neck Material : Maple
  • Neck Shape : Modern C
  • Radius : 9.5″
  • Fingerboard Material : Pau Ferro
  • Fingerboard Inlay : White Dots
  • Number of Frets : 22, Medium Jumbo
  • Scale Length : 25.5″
  • Nut Width : 1.650″
  • Nut Material : Synthetic Bone
  • Bridge/Tailpiece : 2-point Synchronized Tremolo
  • Tuners : Fender Standard Die-cast Sealed
  • Neck Pickup : Player Series Alnico 5 Strat Single-coil
  • Middle Pickup : Player Series Alnico 5 Strat Single-coil
  • Bridge Pickup : Player Series Alnico 5 Strat Single-coil
  • Controls : 1 x master volume, 2 x tone, 5-way blade pickup switch
  • Strings : Fender NPS, .009-.042