ขาตั้งลำโพง Gravity GSP5211B Speaker Stand

ยี่ห้อ : Gravity
รุ่น :  Gravity GSP5211B

ราคา : 1,300 บาท

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Gravity GSP5211B Speaker Stand 35 mm Aluminium

ขาตั้งลำโพง Gravity GSP5211B เป็นขาตั้งลำโพงสีดำแบบ 3 ขา Tripods, Tubing material Aluminium, Tubing diameter 35 mm, Solid durable construction, Stable heavy duty aluminium diecast base, Lightweight construction, Interchangeable colour ring

The Gravity SP 5211 is a classic tripod speaker stand made of strong but lightweight aluminium tubing with black powder coating. It has a 50 kg load capacity and a maximum height of 195 cm.

The redesigned, extremely durable mounting of the support feet is made of aluminium pressure die-casting. The steel cuff of the height adjustment is virtually indestructible and ensures additional stability. A safety stud locks the 35 cm, strong extension tube.

The ergonomic buttons on the locking screws are made from highly-resistant ABS with a non-slip soft-touch coating made of thermo-plastic for convenient operation. The SP 5211 is delivered with an additional set of black coding rings; additional rings are available in many different colours for distinct personalisation.


  • Solid durable construction
  • Stable heavy duty aluminium diecast base
  • Lightweight construction
  • Interchangeable colour ring



Product type  :   Stands and Tripods
Type  : Speaker Stands
Tubing material  :  Aluminum
Tubing colour  : Black
Tubing surface  :  Powder coated
Min height  : 1060 mm
Max height  : 1950 mm
Transport length  : 1050 mm
Height adjustment  :  Clamp with safety pin
Material of height adjustment  : Steel
Base type  :  Leg joint
Base material  :  Die-cast aluminum
Tubing diameter  :  35 mm
Max. load  :  50 kg
Interchangeable rings  :  5 x 30 mm
Black ring pack included  :  Yes
Weight  :  2,2 kg