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YAMAHA AC1FM – กีต้าร์ YAMAHA AC1FM คัดไม้ท๊อปโซลิด ซิดก้า สปรู๊ซ ด้วยมือ และได้เฟรมสวยๆ เมเปิ้ลทั้งหลังและข้าง ได้ทั้งรูปร่างและพรีแอมป์ ที่เยี่ยมยอด เฟรมเมเปิ้ลให้เสียงที่ชัดและการตอบสนองที่ดี

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Flamed maple side/back

Flamed maple side/back delivers a crisp sound with quick responce.


Compromise was never an option with A-Series on every level, this guitar is built to be the one you want to own. Real wood binding, original wood inlays, a new and distinctive headstock and a scratchplate with a story. The look of A-Series is the definition of elegant simple, but powerful.


The natural feel of perfectly finished wood. A neck shape that feels like youve known it for years. An action that is somehow effortless, yet still rewarding. These are the things that add up when you just know that a guitar feels right. These are the things that make an A-Series feel the way it does.
Extensive research with players, luthiers and techs has given A-Series the feel and playability that todays acoustic-electric players need and want whether that means switching from electric to acoustic on-stage, recording a session with intricate open tunings or practicing at home.


The A Series construction was designed with one thing in mind tone. Deep, rich lows, an open, detailed midrange and clear, musical highs give your music room to breathe while underpinning your sound with an unmistakable, timeless character. Yamahas trademark ultra-thin finish and hand-selected tonewoods combine with intricately-crafted construction to create a guitar
with incredible resonance and personality. The A Series doesnt just have tone, it has life.