Yamaha ELC-02

ยี่ห้อ : Yamaha

ราคา : 209,000 บาท

รุ่น :  Yamaha ELC-02 STAGEA คีย์บอร์ด Keyboards
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Preset the rich 986 tone found the sound you want to play myself. Super Articulation voice also to reproduce fricative of wind of breathing and strings were also installed.Organ has adopted a variety of sounds that can be expressed from the jazzy songs to classical. Furthermore, not only the preset sound, you can enjoy to edit the sound to their liking.
※ Super Articulation voice can not be edited.


Preset a variety of 634 kinds of rhythm corresponding to the various genres of music. Of course the thing to choose a rhythm with the music, you are free to also edit. Also possible to further your own rhythm from scratch. You can achieve full of personality performance in only the rhythm of their own.
※ There is a pattern that can not be part of the edit.


The registration, can be pre-set the tone and rhythm function. By pressing the Registration Memory button you can call in an instant at any time. Instruments to preset a rich menu of 506 types that can be called easy to choose from the music genre, the song you want to play will play immediately. Registration that was created to their liking can be saved to a USB flash memory.

Keyboard Control

In the strength of the key depression, also the intensity of the sound, initial touch that also changes the tone of expression, after you apply pressure to the keyboard, equipped with sound quality, volume, aftertouch to control the pitch. You can delicate musical expression of a fingertip.

Second Expression Pedal

By utilizing a pedal that will be controlled by foot, you can express to remain also think bend-up rendition of choking and saxophone guitar.
Expression pedal (right)
2nd Expression pedal (left)

Colour Touch Panel

Equipped with easy-to-read 7 inches large-sized liquid crystal panel. Tone and effect, also control the selection of rhythm, edit also, because the intuitive can be made at the touch panel, you can work without stress.

Audio Recording

As it is playing, you can be saved to a USB flash memory as an audio file (.wav). Listen to playing in the portable music player, or you can share and send to friends.


Main unit, pedal unit, stand, speakers, because it is divided into a chair, carry and easy for each unit. Compact folded also included the chair. You can feel free to play anywhere.



Color / Finish

  • The Main Body Color: Black

Size/ Weight

  • Width 118.5cm
  • Height: 93.8cm ( With Music Rest 109.1 cm)
  • Depth: 65.2cm
  • Weight: 45.8kg ( With Music Rest 46.8 kg)


  • Keyboard  Type: Standard Keyboard (FS Keyboard)
  • Upper Keyboard: The Number of the keyboards 49
  • key area: C – C
  • Initial Touch: Yes
  • Lower Keyboard The Number of the keyboards: 49
  • key area: C-C
  • Initial Touch: Yes
  • After Touch: Yes
  • Pedal Keyboard The Number of the Keyboards: 20
  • Key area: C- G
  • Initial Touch: Yes
  • Pedal Type: Expression Pedal & Second Expression Pedal
  • Foot Switch Function Left : [Rhythm] stop, break, main A,B,C,D, Introduction 1,2, 3, Ending 1,2, 3, [Glide] Upper keyboard 1,2 lead 1,2, Lower keyboard 1,2 time; [rotary speaker] / A light: Registration shift
  • Display Size: 7.0 type TFT – color wide VGA LCD 800*480 dot
  • LCD Brightness: Yes

Sounds source / Tone

  • Sound Source Sound Source Method: AWM + ORGAN
  • Preset Upper Keyboard Voice: A voice section: 2, a voice button: Strings, brass, Wood wind, tutti, pad, synthesizer, piano, organ, percussion, guitar, choir, world, user button 1,2
  • Lower Keyboard Voice: A voice section: 2, a voice button: Strings, brass, Wood wind, tutti, pad, synthesizer, piano, organ, percussion, guitar, choir, world, user button one or two
  • Lead Voice: A voice section: 2, a voice button: Violin, synthesizer, flute, trumpet, user button 1 (lower a toe: lead 1, solo: lead 2)
  • Pedal Voice: A voice section: 2, a voice button: Contrabass, electric base, timpani, synthesizer base, user button 1 (lower a toe)
  • The Number of the Tone: 986 (AWM)
  • Organ Flute: [Type] sign, vintage, euro, [footage] 16 ‘5 1/3’, 8 ‘, 4’, 2 2/3 ‘, 2’, 1 3/5 ‘, 1 1/3’, 1 ‘ , attack] 4 ‘, 2 2/3’, 2 ‘, length, response, [mode] First, EACH, [vibrato] depth, speed, [effect] XG rotary SP, rotary speaker 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 2-way rotary SP, dual rotor 1, 2, dual-rotor BRT, dual rotor WRM, Dist + rotary, drive + rotary, amplifier + rotary, Dist +2 rotary, drive +2 rotary, amplifier +2 rotary,
  • Customize User Voice: 1 Unit AWM:80
  • Voice Edit: Yes
  • Voice Link: Yes
  • Setting Volume: All Voice section 25 steps (0- 24)


  • Type Reverb 33 Type (Whole 1,2,3, ML ,XG Whole ,Room 1,2,3,4,S,M,L,G Room 1,2,3, Stage 1,2, XG Stage 1,2, Plate 1,2, XG Plate , GM Plate , White RoomAtmosphear whole ,Acoustic Room, Drum Room, Parcassion Room, Tonnel, Canion , Basement
  • Chorus 24 Type (Chorus 1,2, XG Chorus 1,2,3,4, GM Chorus1,2,3,4, FB Chorus, Chorus Fast, Anbience Chrus
  • Brilliance All voice section
  • Delay 13 type (delay LCR, XG delay LCR, delay LR, echo, cross delay 1, 2, tempo delay 1, 2, tempo echo, tempo Cross 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Distortion 28 type (Dist hard 1, 2, Dist software 1, 2, stereo Dist H, S, overdrive, stereo over DR, XG distortion, XG ST Dist, V Dist hard, V Dist soft, Comp + Dist, XG Comp + Discover, V Dist warm, V Dist CLS H, S, V Dist metal, V Dist crunch, V Dist Bruce, V Dist edge, V Dist solid, V Dist clean 1,2, V Dist twin, V Dist Rokabiri, V Dist JZCLN, V Dist FUSION)
  • Distortion + 23 type (Dist + delay, drive + delay, XG Dist + DLY, XG ODRV + DLY, CMP + DIST + DLY, CMP + ODRV + DLY, XG CMP + DT + DL, XG CMP + OD + DL, V Dist H + DLY, V Dist S + DLY, Dist + T delay, drive + T directory, CMP + DST + TDLY, CMP + OD + TDLY1,2,3,4,5,6, VDST H + TDLY1,2, VDST S + TDLY1,2)
  • Amp simulator 40 type (amplifier simulator, XG amplifier simulation Etat, stereo amplifier 1,2,3,4,5, XG stereo amplifier, stereo AMP solid, stereo AMP crunch, stereo AMP blues, stereo AMP clean, stereo AMP harp, SML ST Dist , SML ST drive, SML ST Vintage, SML ST heavy, B combo classic, B combo top BST, B combo custom, B combo heavy, B LGND Bruce, B LGND heavy 1,2, B LGND clean, B LGND D clean, US CMB twin, US CMB rich clean, US CMB thin clean, US CMB crunch, JZ CMB basic, JZ CMB warm, US HIGN dirty, US HI GN riff, US HIGN burn, US HI GN solo, B lead dirty, B lead drive, B lead Gaynor, B lead hard)
  • Dynamic 8 types (multi-band compressor, compressor, Comp Medium, Comp heavy, Comp melody, Comp-based, V compressor, noise gate)
  • Early / karaoke 8 type (Early 1, 2, gate reverb 1, 2, reverse gate, karaoke 1, 2, 3) 
  • EQ / enhancer 7 type (ST 2 band EQ, ST 3-band EQ, XG 3-band EQ, EQ disco,
  • EQ telephone, harmonic enhancer, XG Harmonist enhancer)
  • Flanger 12 type (Flanger 1,2, XG flanger 1,2,3, GM flanger, V flanger, tempo
  • Flanger, Dinah flanger, VIN Flanger 1, 2, AMBI flanger)
  • Misureniasu 17 type (ambience, impulse EXP, resonator, voice cancellation, Talking MOD, lo-fi, Dinah filter, Dinah ring MOD, ring modulator, isolator, loop FX1,2, lo-fi drum 1, 2, 3, 4, damper resonance)
  • Phaser 15 type (Phaser 1, 2, 3, electric piano Phaser 1, 2, 3, tempo Phaser 1, 2, Dinah phaser, VIN Phaser 1, 2, VIN Phaser ST1,2,3,4)
  • Pitch change 3 type (pitch change XG, pitch CHG1,2)
  • Rotary speaker 17 type (XG Rotary SP, rotary speaker 1,2,3,4,5,2-way rotary SP, dual rotor 1, 2, dual-rotor BRT, dual rotor WRM, Dist + rotary, drive + rotary, amplifier + rotary, Dist +2 roundabout, drive +2 rotary, amplifier +2 rotary)
  • Tremolo / auto-pan 15 type (tremolo 1,2, XG tremolo, electric piano tremolo, guitar tremolo 1, 2, organ tremolo, Vibe vibrato, tempo tremolo, auto pan 1, XG Auto Pan 1, 2, electric piano auto pan, tempo auto pan 1, 2 )
  • Wow 45 type (auto wah, XG auto wah, V auto wah, wah touch 1,2,3, V touch wah, auto-wah + Dist, XG auto-wah + DST, auto-wah + DST HD, auto-wah + DST HV, auto-wah + DST LT, auto-wah + ODRV, XG auto-wah + OD, auto-wah + OD HD, auto-wah + OD HV, auto-wah + OD LT, Tatchiwau + Dist, XG Tatchiwau + DST, Tatchiwau + DST HD, Tatchiwau + DST HV, Tatchiwau + DST LT, Tatchiwau + OD, XG Tatchiwau + OD, Tatchiwau + OD HD, Tatchiwau + OD HV, Tatchiwau + OD LT, Krabi touch wah, electric piano touch wah, wah + DST + T directory, wow + OD + T directory 1, 2, wow + DST + directory, XG wow + DST + DL, wow + OD + delay, XG wah + OD + DLY, tempo auto-wah, T auto-wah + Dist, T auto-wah + DSTHD, T auto-wah + DSTHV, T auto-wah + DSTLT, T auto-wah + ODRV, T auto-wah + OD HD, T auto-wah + OD HV, T auto-wah + OD LT)
  • Function Pan All voice section
  • Slide Lead 1,2 (ON / foot pedal / OFF, portamento time)
  • Sustain The upper keyboard (foot pedal), lower keyboard (foot pedal), pedal keyboard
  • Touch Vibrato All voice section
  • User Vibrato All voice section (delay, depth, speed)
  • To Lower Lead 1, pedal 1, 2
  • Solo Lead 2
  • Priority Lead 2
  • Pedal poly mode Yes (ON / OFF)
  • Feet All voice section (preset, 16 feet, 8 feet, 4 feet, pedal only two feet)


  • Preset Control Start / stop, synchro start, tempo display, bar / beat lamp
  • Select button March, waltz, swing and jazz, pop, R & B, Latin, world music, ballads, rock, dance, user buttons 1, 2
  • The number of rhythm 634 (including metronome)
  • The number of variations INTRO (1 ~ 3), ENDING (1 ~ 3), MAIN / FILL (A ~ D), BREAK, AutoFill
  • Fingering Auto base code (OFF, single finger, fingered chord, custom ABC, memory: lower keyboard, pedal keyboard), melody on code (OFF, 1,2,3, foot pedal)
  • Automatic performance auxiliary function Accompaniment (code 1, 2, pad, phrase 1, 2)
  • Keyboard Percussion 1 unit preset 1, 2, user 1 to 40 (pan, pitch course, pitch fine, reverb, volume)
  • Customize Number of users rhythm 48
  • Rhythm edit Rhythm Pattern Program, Rhythm Sequence program (1 unit SEQ.1 ~ 4 (rhythm / resist))
  • Configuration volume Rhythm / Accompaniment each 25 steps (0 to 24)


  • Registration Build-in Registration Memory Registration menu: 506 
  • Registration Memory 1 unit 16 × 5, M. (Memory), 1 ~ 16, D. (Disabled)
  • Registration Memory control Shift, jump, user (1 unit 400 steps), the next unit
  • The Entire set Master volume yes
  • Transpose -6 To + 6
  • Tuning Pitch: A = 427.2 ~ 452.6Hz, initial state A = 440Hz
  • MIDI Setup Yes
  • Other MDR Search, back [song] stop, play, pause, fast, fast forward, recording, custom play, music, performance setting (tempo / part), unit edit [Tools folder create, rename, copy, delete, transform (XG conversion / ELS → EL conversion / EL → ELS conversion), format, information
  • Audio recording / playback [Play] stop, play, pause, rewind, fast forward, volume, tempo, pitch [Record Stop, Record [tool] rename, delete corresponding format: .wav (sampling frequency 44.1kHz quantization number of bits 16bit)

Memory / Connection Terminal

  • Memory External drive USB flash memory
  • Connecting terminal Headphone One
  • Microphone MIC (phone) MIC Volume
  • AUX IN L / L + R, R (phone)
  • AUX OUT MAIN L / L + R, R (phone, LEVEL FIXED), SUB 1,2 (phone, LEVEL FIXED)
  • OUTPUT L / L + R, R (phone)
  • USB TO DEVICE 3 (two keyboard right in front, one rear)
  • Foot Pedal Yes (SUSTAIN)

Amplifier /Speaker

  • Amplifier output (20W + 15W) x 2
  • Speaker ([Cone type] 9.6cm, [dome] 1.9cm) x 2
  • Power Supply Part
  • Power consumption Main unit 28W, speaker 20Wx 2


  • Bundled Items Stool Width 63.7cm × depth 32.4cm × height 58.0cm, weight 5.4kg
  • Other accessories Musical score plate, the musical score plate mount × 2, power adapter, power cord, instruction manual, warranty card, the guidance of the user registration