ไมค์คอนเดนเซอร์ Austrian Audio OC818 Studio Set LAUNCH Edition

ยี่ห้อ : Austrian Audio

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รุ่น :  Austrian Audio OC818 Studio Set ไมโครโฟน & ไวเลส Microphone & Wireless
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Austrian Audio are a new boutique microphone brand, but are far from lacking the experience to show. Based in Vienna, the company consists of 22 former AKG employees with backgrounds in management and engineering disciplines.

They bring a cumulative 335 years of microphone and audio experience in mechanical design to acoustics, and rigorous testing procedures to software knowledge. You’re certainly in safe hands with Austrian Audio.

CKR12 Capsule

Very few people in the world can design or handcraft a classic edge-terminated capsule. Luckily, the Austrian Audio team have been building high-end transducers for over 20 years. They’re carefully constructed with skill and tradition.

The OC818 is equipped with Austrian Audio’s outstanding CKR12 handmade capsule. This is capable of multiple in-built polar patterns and houses two customisable high-pass filters, two types of analogue pads and polarization voltage control.

Change your approach to recording. The OC818 is arguably the most customisable and versatile microphone in the world. It can adapt to any audio type or way you want to capture sound.

Austrian Audio microphones are calibrated to within one decibel of each other – add another OC18 or OC818 to record in perfect stereo harmony.

Polarpilot App

Design your own polar patterns with complete pure analogue technology. This is what sets Austrian Audio apart from everyone else.

The Polarpilot app lets you discover and create 255 polar patterns. Save, recall and share your favourite settings in real time via Bluetooth. This means complete control over your recording setup from the comfort of your seat. You can even store a customised pattern in the OC818 without continual connection to the app.


Austrian Audio’s Polardesigner open source plug-in takes things one step further with complete polar pattern overview and tweaking.

You’re able to save, recall and share your presets, similar to Polarpilot, with the added options of solo/muting each band and EQ control to imprint your own tonal flavour. Great for busy sessions and jumping between instruments.


  • Multiple polar patterns
  • Microprocessor control of polarization voltages
  • 2 different analog high-pass filters with 3 settings
  • 2 different types of analog pads
  • Dual out- puts for recording each diaphragm separately
  • Debuts Austrian Audio’s Open Acoustics Technology
  • Handmade in Vienna
  • Handmade CKR12 ceramic capsule
  • Cardioid, omnidirectional and custom programmable
  • Allows remote controlled polar pattern settings
  • Two different analogue high-pass filters with three settings: 40 Hz, 80 Hz, 160 Hz



  • PACKAGE CONTENTS OC818 microphone, spider mount, mic clip, windshield, mini-XLR cable, case, limited pop shield, and launch documents
  • TUBE OR SOLID STATE : Solid State
  • TRANSDUCER TYPE : Condenser
  • POLAR PATTERN : Bi-Directional / Figure-Eight, Cardioid, Hyper-Cardioid, Omni-Directional, Wide Cardioid
  • NUMBER OF MICROPHONES :  Single Microphone
  • IMPEDANCE : 275 Ohms
  • FREQUENCY RANGE : 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • INPUT_PAD : -10 dB; -20 dB
  • FILTERS :  40; 80; 160 Hz
  • SENSITIVITY : -37.7 dBV/Pa (13 mV)