Yamaha Recording Custom

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รุ่น :  Yamaha Recording Custom
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Solid Black
Classic Walnut
Surf Green
Real Wood

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Recording Custom

Working with the legendary Artist Steve Gadd, Yamaha have elevated the iconic Recording Custom Series with new design elements, producing a refined focused sound with enhanced rounded and deeper tone. All North American Birch 6 Ply shells with 30 Degree Bearing Edges are complimented by the re-designed Hi Tension Lug that is weighted to enhance lower frequencies. The result is an easy-to-use and easy-to-tune drum set that re-defines the classic signature sound. Suitable for any style of drumming in all situations.

Classics Improved with Help from Steve Gadd

Yamaha’s Recording Custom drum series are for the recording or performing drummer that demands premium construction and tone. They were re-engineered in collaboration with Steve Gadd, an iconic session musician with credits such as B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, and many more. The Recording Custom’s 6-ply birch construction offers an open sound with great definition. And the hardware is all top-quality, designed to offer tone enhancement, stability, and ease of use. Yamaha and Gadd worked together on the Recording Customs to make you some of the ultimate drums for recording and gigging.

Yamaha Recording Custom 4-piece Drum Shell Pack at a Glance:

  • Engineered with input from Steve Gadd
  • Re-designed shells
  • Proprietary Yamaha hardware

Engineered with input from Steve Gadd

Because the Recording Custom series are some of the most recorded drum sets in the world, when Yamaha set out to update the line they relied heavily on the expertise of drumming session great Steve Gadd. Gadd’s goals with the new Recording Customs were for them to feel comfortable and have a rounder and deeper tone. He also wanted to make them as versatile as possible by extending the tuning range. This adds up to instruments that are highly nuanced and respond well to your playing technique as well as which drum heads you choose.

Re-designed shells

The shell design of the Yamaha Recording Custom drums is all about enhancing the punch and clarity of your kit, while eliminating unwanted interference from other drums mounted close by. The 6-ply birch construction is a favorite in the studios here at Sweetwater for its blend of attack and low-end warmth. And the 30 degree bearing edges deliver a quick response, are easy to tune, and bring out the sonic characteristics of your drum heads.

Proprietary Yamaha hardware

Gadd and Yamaha made sure to use only the best of Yamaha’s proprietary hardware on the re-designed Recording Custom drums. Each piece was chosen to give you stability, ease of use, and tonal enhancement. The High Tension lugs are built with increased weight to help dampen unwanted noise and ringing from the shells. YESS mounts connect to the shell with minimal contact. This allows the drums to resonate freely. And the YESS mounts are also placed so that they won’t ever interfere with your drum placement or head changes.

Yamaha Recording Custom 4-piece Drum Shell Pack Features:

  • Updated top-of-the-line Yamaha shell pack
  • 10″ and 12″ Rack Toms, 14″ Floor Tom, and 20″ Kick Drum
  • Designed in collaboration with Steve Gadd
  • 6-ply birch shells exude a powerful sound with plenty of definition
  • 30 degree bearing edges give the drums a crisp response
  • High tension lugs minimizes unwanted ringing
  • Hardware engineered for simplicity and strength
  • TH945B Double Tom Holder included


Tech Specs

  • Configuration: Shell pack without snare
  • Number of Drums: 4
  • Mounted Toms (Depth x Diameter): 7.5″ x 10″, 8″ x 12″
  • Floor Toms (Depth x Diameter): 13″ x 14″
  • Bass Drums (Depth x Diameter): 16″ x 20″
  • Shell Material: Birch, 6-ply
  • Manufacturer Part Number: RC0F40J-SFG


กลองชุด Yamaha Recording Custom ที่ได้ Steve Gadd ศิลปินในตำนาน Yamaha ร่วมออกแบบ กับซีรี่ส์ Recording Custom อันเป็นเอกลักษณ์ เพราะจะใช้ไม้เบิร์ชที่นำเข้าจากอเมริกาเป็นวัสดุหลัก และยังซ้อนทับกันถึง 6 ชั้น ช่วยให้กลองแข็งแรงและได้เสียงที่ยอดเยี่ยม Hi Tension Lug ที่ออกแบบใหม่ซึ่งมีการถ่วงน้ำหนักเพื่อเพิ่มความถี่ที่ต่ำลง ช่วยในการจูนหนังกลองมากขึ้น ในชุดประกอบด้วยกลองทอม 2 ใบ ฟลอร์ทอม และเบสดรัม หมาะสำหรับการตีกลองทุกสไตล์


รายละเอียดกลองชุด Yamaha Recording Custom

  • จำนวนกลอง 4 ชิ้น
  • กลองทอมขนาด 7.5 x 10 นิ้ว และ 8 x 12 นิ้ว
  • ฟลอร์ทอมขนาด 13 x 14 นิ้ว
  • เบสดรัมขนาด 16 x 20 นิ้ว
  • วัสดุไม้ทำกลองใช้ไม้เบิร์ช 6 ชั้น