Korg NANOKEY Studio

ยี่ห้อ : Korg
รุ่น :  Korg KORG NANOKEY STUDIO คีย์บอร์ด Keyboards
การจัดส่ง : ซื้อครบ 500 บาท จัดส่งฟรีทั่วประเทศ / จัดส่งด่วนภายในวัน ทั่วกทม. และปริมณฑล

ราคา : 4,950 บาท

5,500 บาท ประหยัด10%
การชำระเงิน : จ่ายหน้าร้าน 6สาขา / โอนเงิน / เก็บปลายทาง / บัตรเครดิต /ผ่อนชำระ 0% (บางรายการ) / Shopee / Lazada

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คีย์บอร์ดใบ้ ที่มีแป้นคีย์ 25 คีย์ ที่มีแบล็คไลท์แสงสว่างสวยงามใช้งานง่าย ให้อิสระในการทำเพลง ด้วย USB และไวเรส  ดีไซน์ให้มีขนาดกระทัดรัด น้ำหนักเบาให้คุณสามารถย้ายไปใช้งานที่อื่นๆได้ทุกที่อย่างสะดวกสบายง่ายดาย ปุ่มคอนโทรล array ที่เรียงกันเพื่อครอบคลุมทุกการใช้งานทั้งปุ่มคอนโทรล DAW รวมไปถึงการการควบคุม DJ performance ประหยัดไปอีกขั้นด้วยซอฟแวร์ที่มาให้อยู่ในเครื่องแบบฟรีๆ


รายะเอียด คีย์บอร์ดใบ้ KORG NANOKEY STUDIO 

  • แป้นคีย์ 25 คีย์
  • 8 ปุ่ม trigger pad
  • 8 ปุ่ม knobs, X-Y pad
  • ปุ่มควบคุม Octave, ซัสเทน, พิทช์, Touch Scale, X-Y,แพด
  • เมมโมรี่ 8
  • เชื่อมต่อสายแจ็ค USB (ขนาด micro ประเภท B)
  • เชื่อมต่อMIDIผ่านบลูทูธ
  • ใช้ถ่าน 2 ก้อนขนาด AAA
  • กำลังไฟขนาด น้อยกว่า 500 มิลลิแอมป์
  • ขนาด 278 มม. x 160 มม. x 33 มม.
  • น้ำหนัก 471 กรัม



  • Step-record as easily as typing. A keyboard with 25 backlit keys that illuminate
  • More freedom to produce music, via USB or wirelessly
  • Lightweight and compact design can be placed anywhere and easily transported
  • An array of controllers that cover everything from DAW control to DJ performance
  • A lavish bundle of powerful music software is included Free of charge
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An all-in-one that delivers inspiration. A mobile MIDI keyboard that connects via USB or wirelessly.

The nanoKEY Studio provides a keyboard, knobs, trigger pads, and touch pad that lets you instantly convert your inspiration into sound. It is battery operated and can connect wirelessly to iPhone/iPad or Mac/Windows. It’s a compact, mobile MIDI keyboard that is easy to travel with, allowing ease of use anytime, anywhere.

Step-record as easily as typing. A keyboard with 25 backlit keys that illuminate.

Even if you’re not the most skilled keyboardist, the 25 velocity-sensitive keys allows you to step-record easily. The Scale Guide function illuminates the keys to show recommended notes in the scale, making it easier to play. This is a smart keyboard with a variety of performance modes, such as the Easy Scale function, that lets you produce musical phrases using any keys.

More freedom to produce music, via USB or wirelessly.

The nanoKEY Studio can connect not only via USB but also wirelessly. It’s easy to connect to an iPad/iPhone music app such as KORG Gadget or Apple GarageBand, or to your Mac/Windows music production software. Liberated from annoying cables, you’ll be free to set up your system much easier than some other products. Thanks to careful tuning, you’ll enjoy low latency and high stability.

Lightweight and compact design can be placed anywhere and easily transported.

Smaller than a sheet of letter-sized paper, you can put the nanoKEY Studio in your bag and take it anywhere. With a simple, refined, and stylish design, along with beautiful lighting with white LEDs, you won’t get tired of using it every day. With its modern design, the nanoKEY Studio is ideal for use with new devices such as your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Create the ultimate mobile music production system with your iPad/iPhone and the nanoKEY Studio.

The combination of the nanoKEY Studio with KORG Gadget is the ultimate combination for mobile performance. The nanoKEY Studio supports wireless connection via Bluetooth MIDI, so your iPhone can instantly transform into a powerful music production tool. KORG Gadget has a special native mode exclusively for the nanoKEY Studio. Simply by connecting KORG Gadget, the most appropriate controls for MIDI assignment on your nanoKEY Studio are completed automatically. At home, in a coffee shop, in transit, or outdoors, you can quickly immerse yourself in making music in minimal space.

Eight high-sensitivity trigger pads that you can use for drum input or playing chords.

The eight velocity-sensitive trigger pads will convey every dynamic nuance of your drum performance. In chord-playing mode, the Chord Scale function automatically assigns the best chords for the key and scale you’ve selected, so your song will take shape at amazing speed. You can also assign the pads to trigger audio clips. These pads are not limited by musical genre; they deliver all-purpose music production power.

Touch pad inherited from the KAOSS series provides one-finger control of software synthesizers.

You can use a single finger to control a software synthesizer just like you can with a Kaossilator, or control a plug-in effect the same way as a KAOSS PAD. The nanoKEY Studio features an arpeggiator with rhythm patterns, letting you generate a succession of new phrases simply by touching the pad.

Eight assignable knobs for controlling your DAW and plug-ins.

The eight knobs provide versatile control of your software synthesizers, plug-in effects, and DAW mixer.



Controller : 

25-key Keyboard with velocity sensitivity (four velocity curve),
8 trigger pad (velocity sensitivity is supported, four velocity curve),
8 knobs, X-Y pad

Octave + / – buttons, Sustain button, Touch Scale button, X-Y button, Pitch / Mod button, Scene button, Shift / Tap buttons, Arp button, Chord Pad button, Easy Scale button, Scale Guide button

Octave Range : 


Scene Memory : 


Connections : 

USB jack (micro B type)

Wireless Type : 

Bluetooth Low Energy (Apple Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI specification compliant)

Power Supply : 

USB bus power (when connected via USB)
Two AAA batteries (when connected wirelessly; use alkaline or nickel-metal hydride batteries)

Battery Life : 

Approximately 10 hours (with the factory settings, when using alkaline batteries)
* Battery life will vary depending on the batteries used and on the conditions of use.

Power Consumption : 

Less than 500mA

Dimensions (W x D x H) : 

278 mm x 160 mm x 33 mm / 10.94″ x 6.30″ x 1.30″

Weight (without batteries) :

471 g / 1.04 lbs. (without batteries)

Included Items : 

USB cable, KORG Software Bundle code, two AAA Batteries for checking operation

Operating requirements

iOS Wireless Connection : 

iOS  iPad/iPhone that supports Bluetooth 4.0, and has iOS8 or later installe.

Models iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S,

iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad fourth generation, iPad Third generation, iPad mini 4、iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad mini,

iPod touch sixth generation, iPod touch fifth generation

Mac Wireless Connection : 

OS Mac that supports Bluetooth 4.0 or later, and has OS X10.10 Yosemite or later installed.

Models MacBook (Early 2015 or later)

MacBook Air (Mid 2011 or later)

MacBook Pro (Mid 2012 or later)

Mac mini (Mid 2011 or later)

iMac (Late 2012 or later)

Mac Pro (Late 2013 or later)

Mac USB Connection :

OS MacOS 10.8 10.9 Mavericks or later

Windows Wireless Connection :

OS Operating system: Windows 8.1 or later (32-bit/64-bit) [KORG BLE-MIDI Driver is required]

Windows USB Connection : OS Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or later (32-bit / 64-bit)