BehringerUV1 Audio Interface

ยี่ห้อ : Behringer

ราคา : 7,500 บาท

รุ่น :  Behringer UV1 ออดิโอ อินเตอร์เฟส Audio Interface
การจัดส่ง : ซื้อครบ 500 บาท จัดส่งฟรีทั่วประเทศ / จัดส่งด่วนภายในวัน ทั่วกทม. และปริมณฑล
การชำระเงิน : จ่ายหน้าร้าน 8 สาขา / โอนเงิน / เก็บปลายทาง / บัตรเครดิต /ผ่อนชำระ 0% (บางรายการ) / Shopee / Lazada


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High-end microphone preamplifier Various audio processing features State-of-the-art with +48V phantom power, ultra-low noise, high gain and audiophile sound quality.
พรีแอมพลิฟายเออร์ไมโครโฟน คุณสมบัติการประมวลผลเสียงที่หลากหลาย ล้ำสมัยพร้อมพลังแฝง +48V, เสียงรบกวนต่ำพิเศษ, อัตราขยายสูงและคุณภาพเสียงแบบออดิโอไฟล์
When it comes to vocals, sound engineers become critical and often prefer a channel strip over a mixing console because of its outstanding sound quality and flexibility. The ULTRAVOICE UV1 is a full-featured channel strip with high-end microphone preamplifier, versatile sound processing features, and the free choice to play out the processed sound via balanced analog outputs or pass it on to the internal USB interface.
Midas Mic Preamp – Legend Inside!
Did you know that Midas is one of the most recognized brands used by audio professionals around the world? Now you can get the gear the pros use! ULTRAVOICE UV1 comes with a state-of-the-art Midas microphone preamplifier with +48 V phantom power, ultra-low noise, high gain and audiophile quality.
Crystal Clear Signal Path at 192 kHz
The ULTRAVOICE UV1 is more than just a mic preamp and voice processor – we added one of the best USB audio interfaces with the highest possible resolution and lowest latency. Full 192 kHz sampling rate at a clear 24-bit resolution will make you smile listening to the astonishingly crisp sound you’ll get.
Zero Latency Monitoring
Recording the voice is one of the most critical tasks in the studio. Singers are very sensitive to delays. A few milliseconds can make all the difference between a good or a great take! So, we added this simple but very effective monitoring section to the ULTRAVOICE UV1. Blend between direct input signal and USB playback makes it easy to find the best balance while you’re recording. Just plug in your headphones and adjust the volume.
Digital or Analog? – Both!
Some people prefer to stay in the analog domain, some prefer the shorter path to record directly to the digital. On the ULTRAVOICE UV1 you will get both – simultaneously!
Connect your PC or Mac directly via USB to get the best vocal sound without detours into your DAW. Connect any analog outboard equipment to the balanced outputs for further signal flow. It’s up to you.
Sound P-R-O-C-E-S-S-I-N-G
A high-quality microphone preamp and a brilliant USB interface are the most important tools to integrate vocals perfectly into a song arrangement. Just press the BYPASS switch to get the pure experience.
But sometimes you want to pimp your vocals for the best result. And here we go! The ULTRAVOICE UV1 features all kind of processing you will need – a Compressor for more punch, a De-Esser to remove sibilants, an Enhancer for dynamic sound details at the lower and upper end of the frequency spectrum, an Expander/Gate to “mute” automatically unwanted surrounding noise and finally the amp to gain lost levels again.
And even if this would be not enough you can insert additional outboard gear for even more sound improvements.
Stage – Studio – Stream
It doesn’t matter what your target application is. The ULTRAVOICE UV1 is a perfect match for any environment where the best quality for your voice as a singer, narrator, moderator will be required. Put it in a live rack to go on tour, install it in a musical theater for the main artists, make it the center of your home studio or broadcast streaming environment, or unload your mixing console at the recording studio.
The ULTRAVOICE UV1 is the ideal solution for home or professional studios, or as part of a larger setup, on stage or on tour. Premium, ultra-low noise components and high headroom lets your music shine at its best – this is especially true for the most critical source: Vocals!
High Quality, Best Value
We designed the ULTRAVOICE UV1 to provide many years of super-clean, high-fidelity performance in the most critical listening environment – yours! Built from the highest-grade components, the UV1 is the perfect way to add a lot more convenience and control into your current studio setup.
Check out the amazing ULTRAVOICE UV1 at your local Behringer dealer or get yours online today. Easy has never sounded better!
High-end microphone preamplifier Various audio processing features State-of-the-art with +48V phantom power, ultra-low noise, high gain and audiophile sound quality.



Mic input
Discrete mic preamp
Type: Balanced XLR/TRS combo connector
Impedance: 4 kΩ
Max input level: +17 dBu
Equivalent input noise (EIN): -126 dBu, 20 Hz – 20 kHz, 150 Ω

Line in
¼” TRS, balanced
Impedance: 10 kΩ unbalanced, 20 kΩ balanced
Max input level: 30 dBu

Insert return
¼” TRS, balanced
Impedance: 5 kΩ
Max input level: +21 dBu


Line out
Balanced XLR, ¼” TRS
Impedance: 100 Ω unbalanced, 200 Ω balanced
Max output level: +20 dBu

Insert send
¼” TRS, balanced
Impedance: 100 Ω unbalanced
Max output level: +20 dBu


Mic preamp
Gain: Mic: 0 to +60 dB, line: -15 to +45 dB
48 V: +48 V phantom power, switchable
Low cut:  -18 dB/oct @ 80 Hz

Drive: Threshold, -40 dB to +20 dB
Density:  1 to 75 dB/sec

Frequency:  800 Hz to 10 kHz
Threshold: Program-dependent
Release time: Program-dependent, approx. 1 ms/dB

LF/HF detail:  Min to max boost (0 dB to +12 dB)

Threshold: Off to +15 dB
Ratio:  1:1 to 10:1

Output gain: -30 to +10 dB

Mix: Blend direct signal and playback

Level:  -∞ to +6 dB


Frequency response : <10 Hz to 80 kHz (0/-3 dB)

Dynamic range : 110 dB, A-weighted


Type : USB 2.0, type B

Interface : 2 in / 2 out

Converter : 24-bit

Sample rates : 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192 kHz

Supported operating systems : Windows 10 / Mac OS X 10.4 or higher

Drivers : Windows driver available on, no drivers needed for Mac


Switch-mode autorange power supply : 100-240 V, ~50/60 Hz

Power consumption : 15 W

Mains connection : Standard IEC connector


Standard operating temperature range : 5° C – 45° C (41° F – 113° F)

Dimensions : 483 x 150 x 44 mm (19 x 5.9 x 1.7″)

Weight : 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)