Beyerdynamic Pro X USB C Cable

ยี่ห้อ : Beyerdynamic

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Perfectly matched with our studio headphones, such as DT 700 PRO X, DT 900 PRO X, DT 1770 PRO and DT 1990 PRO, the PRO X USB-C cable offers you professional audio quality on various mobile devices.

Thanks to the high-end ESS ES9280A PRO digital-to-analog converter (DAC), inconvenient adapters with insufficient sound quality are a thing of the past. The DAC has a sampling rate of 384 kHz at 32 bits. Switch smoothly between different devices, with consistently high audio quality.


The new headphone connection cable not only extends the world renowned beyerdynamic sound quality to mobile devices, it also enables two-way communication on your professional studio headphones. Equipped with a condenser microphone, the headphones can be used for phone calls between long studio sessions or for recording song ideas directly into the smartphone.

Using the conveniently integrated remote control, changing volume and track playback can be done without touching your device.


Thanks to high-quality materials, the new headphone connection cable is the ideal complement for your PRO X or PRO headphones. The 1.6-meter cable locks into the headphone shell for a secure fit. The remote control and integrated condenser microphone are housed in a high-quality aluminum body. The IP65 certification also ensures protection against splashing water.


  • Headphone connection cable: USB-C to 3-pole Mini XLR, lockable
  • Direct connection between headphones and compatible USB-C devices
  • Professional audio quality thanks to the built-in high-end digital-to-analog converter (DAC)
  • Integrated remote control and condenser microphone
  • Water resistant with IP65 certification
  • DT 700 PRO X
  • DT 900 PRO X
  • DT 1770 PRO
  • DT 1990 PRO