Furman IT-REF 16 EI

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Furman IT-REF 16 EI Power Conditioner HT 16 Amp 220V-240V Export

Clean and condition your AC power while meeting the extreme AC power demands of amplifiers with Power Factor Technology. The extreme AC demands encountered in the professional audio/video arena have required technological developments far in excess of typical home theater/audiophile power products. In studios, live sound, and broadcast facilities, breakdown is unacceptable. Equipment failure or poor performance is costly. AC lines are plagued with ever increasing noise. When AC noise couples into your system’s critical components, it masks low level signals and cripples performance. This low-level content is critical because it relays the crucial harmonics and ambience in audio, and depth and clarity in video. With this line conditioner exclusive discrete symmetrical power, video screens, projectors, CD-DVD players, pre-amplifiers, and scalers are fed linearly filtered low-noise symmetrical power. This dramatically reduces AC noise, ensuring peak operation of your critical components. You will see and hear your theater or audio system as it should be – uncompromised.


  • Symmetrical balanced power with dual screen technology cancels hum-inducing noise from audio and video
  • Four discrete power banks eliminate inter-component interference
  • Power Factor technology provides surplus current for power-starved amplifiers
  • Linear Filtering Technology for unequaled audio / video clarity
  • Virtually maintenance-free AC surge suppression
  • Detachable surge suppression module for telco and cable / satellite connectors



  • Family Reference Series 240V
  • Line Voltage 240 (Volts)
  • BlueBOLT Enabled No
  • Power Factor Technology No
  • Number of Outlets 12
  • Number of Isolated Banks 4
  • Outlet Descriptions 8 (symmetrical balanced outlets) / 4 (Power Factor Technology outlets • 9 amps RMS reserve • reactive load • over 80 amps pk. charge, 3x 10A, 1x 16A)
  • Rack Mountable Yes
  • Rack Ears Included Yes
  • Front Panel Meter(s) No
  • Front Media Light(s) No
  • ControlOn/Off switch on front panel.
  • Voltage Regulation No
  • Compliance C-ETL
  • USB Charging N/A
  • Low Voltage Trigger N/A
  • Dimensions152mm H x 432mm W x 413mm D (Standard 3 RU height without feet)
  • Weight 40 kg
  • Power Consumption 8.5 Watts for display and control circuits independent of actual load
  • AC Protection Technology Extreme Voltage Shutdown
    Series Multi-Stage Protection
    Non-sacrificial protection with zero ground contamination
  • Automatic Voltage Shutoff Yes
  • Under-Voltage Shutoff N/A
  • Over-Voltage Shutoff 275 VAC ±5 VAC
  • Maximum Current Rating 16 (Amps)
  • Initial Clamping Level188 VAC peak @ 3,000 Amps