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รุ่น :  Joyo D-SEED II เอฟเฟค Effects
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Joyo D-SEED II เอฟเฟครุ่น 2 ของ D-SEED ที่เคยสร้างชื่อเสียงโด่งดังให้กับ Joyo ที่ปรับกันแบบหลักๆเลยคือเพิ่มโหมด Delay มาให้ถึง 8 แบบได้แก่ Space, Lo-Fi, Filter, Tape, Digital, Analog, Mod, Reverse ไม่ต้องซ้ำซากจำเจกับการเล่น Delay อยู่แบบเดียว นอกจากนี้ยังมีสวิทช์เลือก Normal หรือ Ping Pong ควบคุมง่ายด้วยปุ่มคอนโทรล Time Beat, Level, Feedback อีกทั้งยัง Loop ได้ 3.5 นาที ครบเครื่องกว่าเดิมแบบนี้ รับรองว่ามือกีต้าร์ต้องชอบ


รายละเอียด Joyo D-SEED II

  • Output แบบสเตอริโอ
  • โหมด Delay หลายแบบได้แก่ Space, Lo-Fi, Filter, Tape, Digital, Analog, Mod, Reverse
  • มีสวิทช์เลือก Normal หรือ Ping Pong
  • ปุ่มคอนโทรล Time Beat, Level, Feedback
  • Loop ได้ 3.5 นาที
  • มี Tap Tempo
  • ตัวเครื่องออกแบบมาแข็งแรง
  • กำลังไฟ 220 mA



JOYO D-Seed II Stereo Delay Guitar Effect Pedal – 8 Modes Tap Tempo Memory

The JOYO D-Seed II is our most feature rich delay guitar effect pedal and combines 8 delay effect types, stereo, ping pong, tap tempo, memory and a looper into one mighty stompbox.


In total there are 8 different delay types to select from including:

Space – Adds in a little Reverb to the delay effect giving you some amazing spacial tones.

Lo-Fi – The lo fi setting de-samples the delay, giving a degradation of your repeats. Similar to some early electronic music sounds.

Filter – The setting combines a mid frequency modulation into the delay changing with the delay time.

Tape – a classic smooth tape delay perfect for some classic 60s surf.

Digital / Copy – Copies the tone and repeats the note without losing any quality.

Analog – A warmer delay setting that gradually fades out and degrades the signal gently with time.

Mod – A wide spatial delay, creating an effect similar to chorus in the repeat.

Reverse –It’s a psychedelic prog rock fest.


The D Seed 2 has stereo delay input and outputs, this allows you to create epic  soundscapes through the use of two guitar amps. Stereo delay can give you a huge guitar tone by spreading the sound across a balanced space. With a stereo input into the pedal, this is perfect for using with other stereo modulation pedals like the JOYO Vision Stereo modulation pedal or even hooking up to synths for taking your tone to a totally new dimension.


You will notice that the D Seed II also has a toggle switch for ping pong delay, wthis bounces the delay repeats between left and right creating a very spacey effect. Unlike mono delay, stereo delay produces a much wider soundscape


The pedal can be used in Mono mode too, maybe in the FX loop of a guitar amp, or wherever you decide, just connect everything up to the Left input/output for a more traditional delay set up.JOYO D SEED 2 II


The D Seed 2 has Tap Tempo for setting your delay time of up to 2000 ms between each repeat and this can be controlled by tapping just one footswitch to set your start and end point. We have also introduced beat division control, to give you some more accuracy and adjustment.


You have the option of saving 2 of your favourite settings into the D seed 2, so maybe save your ping pong space delay to one channel and a slap back delay to the other. Each memorised delay retains all of its own parameters and can be switched between with one tap of the pedal footswitch.


If that’s not enough, we have loaded this delay pedal with a 3.5 minute Looper with unlimited overdubs.


The effect pedal features dials for delay type, time beat/loop FX, level and feedback/loop tone.

Dual switches are used for activating the delay function, storing to memory, tap tempo or rec/dub, and bypass or play/stop.


Joyo D-Seed II digital delay pedal is available now for

Stereo Output Multi Delay including Space, Lo-Fi, Filter, Tape, Digital, Analog, Mod, Reverse.

Normal or Ping Pong Mode Switch

Time Beat, Level, Feedback Controls

3.5 Minute Looper

Tap Tempo

Metal Housing

Current Draw 220 mA

L/R input 6.3mm Mono

L/R output 6.3mm Mono

Input impedance 2.2M

Output impedance 100M

Working voltage DC9v centre negative (not supplied)

Batteries – Not used.

Dimensions 105 x 46 105mm

Weight 555g