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รุ่น :  KZ EDX Pro หูฟังอินเอียร์ In Ear Headphones
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[5N OFC UPGRADE CABLE WITH MICROPHONE]: KZ EDX Pro also improved the detachable cable. Now this model has 5N Oxygen free copper flat upgrade cable which has 0.75mm QDC Gold-Plated Pin that improve/ extend the service life. The cable is tangle free that save your time and make your life easier. The detachable nature of the cable allows the earphones to be able to attach to different cable accessories. KZ EDX Pro supports the additional Bluetooth module.

[UPGRADE MODEL OF KZ EDX]: There has been a significant number of changes done to the all-new KZ EDX PRO. It made with Resin inlaid metal process to shows extraordinary texture, Special dual magnetic circuit dynamic unit to highly restore the live atmosphere. KZ also improved the cable. Flat cable effectively prevents entanglement for longer service life and Standard 2Pin gold-plated pins that adapt to a variety of upgrade cables.

[RESIN INLAID METAL PROCESS]: KZ EDX Pro adopts Rare High-end Inlay Technology that make it different from EDX and other KZ products. An Inlay process A high-end inlay process is rarely used in products. The imported resin cavity is matching to metal ornaments. Everywhere shows the extraordinary texture of KZ EDX Pro.

[COMPLIMENTARY EARPHONE CASE]: We provide complimentary earphone case as a good gesture to all our customers to protect IEMs from Scratches, rain/water and dust. High quality leatherette material can prevent moisture. Unique appearance is suitable for carrying. It is soft, comfortable and durable.

[SPECIAL DUAL MAGNETIC CIRCUIT DYNAMIC UNIT]: KZ EDX Pro using a special dual magnetic circuit sound unit, whose size reaches 10mm Dual magnetic circuit dynamic unit brings a more natural low-frequency response and transparency high-frequency performance. The electronic crossover board is integrated into the dynamic unit through sophisticated technology to enhance the low-mid frequency dynamic range performance. Whether it is EMD Rock R&B or Classical Violin, it can play a strong role.


  • Model KZ EDX Pro
  • Impedance 24Ω
  • Sensitivity 112dB
  • Frequency Range 10HZ-20kHz
  • Plug Type 3.5mm
  • Pin Type 0.75mm
  • Cable Oxygen-free copper flat cable
  • Cable Length 125±5cm
  • Wearing Method Ear hook