Marshall Class5 Head and C110 Cabinet

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The Marshall Class5 series of guitar amps and cabinets set a new standard for low-watt amps that are big on attitude, and you can tap into the classic Marshall tone with the Class5 Head/C110 Cabinet bundle. This bundle pairs the acclaimed Marshall Class5 tube amplifier head with the Class5 C110 1 x 10″ speaker cabinet, for an incredible amount of tone in a compact rig. Perfect for the studio, but portable enough to gig with, the Plexi-like tones of the Class5 head and C110 cab will take you back to Marshall’s glory days. The Class5 Head/C110 Cabinet bundle is the perfect way to get into big Marshall tone in a small package.

Marshall Class5 Head/C110 Cabinet Bundle at a Glance:

  • All-tube, Class A signal path
  • Just 5 watts?
  • Exceptional cabinet construction

All-tube, Class A signal path

With its Class A amp design and all-tube circuitry the Class5 HD amp head is wonderfully straightforward. It might remind you of a mini-Plexi from the good old days. The Class5 HD gives you treble, mid, bass, and volume controls – all you need to coax an astoundingly wide range of tones out of the Class5 HD’s ECC83 and EL84 tubes. The Class A amp design makes this amp ultra responsive, just like a good tube amp should be.

Just 5 watts?

The 5-watt Class5 amp head lets you get the tone of a fully-cranked Marshall amp at reasonable volume levels. Tube amplifiers sound their best when pushed hard, and that often means unbearable volume levels (for your neighbors, at least). This Class5 amp/cab bundle is perfect for smaller studios that need to record big guitar tones without filling the space with excess sound.

Exceptional cabinet construction

The Class5 C110 cabinet uses the same 10″ Celestion G10F speaker used in Marshall’s Class5 combo for pure vintage vibe. Made from 12mm birch plywood with 18mm finger joints, the Class5 C110 is built to last by the amp pros at Marshall UK. The Class5 C110’s semi-open back gives this cabinet a lively, open sound in a small package – perfect for smaller studios that need huge tone without the deafening volume of a giant stack.


  • Class A amp design and all-tube signal path for pure, vintage tone
  • No-frills control set makes it quick and easy to dial in a great sound
  • Headphone output lets you jam until the sun comes up
  • Built tough to last by Marshall UK
  • Birch plywood construction makes this cabinet ultra-rugged
  • Small size and weight make it an ideal part of your gigging rig
  • Celestion G10F speaker is made for vintage tone
  • Semi-open back means a more open and lively sound than closed-back cabinets