PMC 8 SUB (Each)

รุ่น :  PMC 8 SUB Speaker
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PMC 8 SUB Active Studio Subwoofer

Active Studio Subwoofer with 300W 200mm Woofer and Advanced Transmission Line Cabinet (each)

Improve Your Monitoring System Performance

The PMC 8 SUB is a versatile studio subwoofer that can be used in one of two ways. It can be deployed conventionally with any monitor speakers to extend the low frequencies in a stereo setup or to reproduce an LFE channel in a surround configuration. Combined with PMC near or midfield monitors, it can be used to form an XBD system. As an XBD expansion, the PMC 8 SUB’s audio input runs through the same filters as the main monitor’s woofer, duplicating LF content and enabling the system to reach a higher maximum SPL. Any way you use it, the PMC 8 SUB improves your monitoring system performance to help you make better-sounding recordings.

PMC 8 SUB Active Studio Subwoofer Features:

  • Frequency response: 32Hz–300Hz
  • ICEPower Class D amplification: 300W
  • Effective ATL length: 3 meters
  • Drive unit: PMC 200mm woofer (newly designed)
  • Input connector: XLR, switchable between analog and digital AES
  • Output connector: XLR digital AES (96kHz)
  • Sample rate: 18–192kHz, 24-bit via internal sample rate converter
  • Mains connector: IEC, 180-264V AC (auto-sensing)



  • Powered:Yes
  • Speaker Size:8″
  • Height:10.5″
  • Width:21.7″
  • Depth:17.3″
  • Weight:40.7 lbs.