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Mic Up Your Drums, Push Up the Faders, and Rock

If you already have drum overheads, sE Electronics’ V Pack Venue supplies the rest of the microphones you need to mic up your drum kit and make it sound great. You get one V Kick dynamic bass drum mic, two V Beat dynamic tom mics with V Clamps, and one V7 X supercardioid dynamic instrument mic for snare. All the mics and accessories come in a roadworthy plastic flight case that has empty berths for your favorite hi-hat and overhead mics. Front-of-house and studio engineers at Sweetwater rely on these mics day-in and day-out to capture the full impact and dynamic range of a drum kit. Put sE Electronics’ V Pack Venue to work at your next live gig or recording session — you’ll be a believer.


V Kick

Designed for use with kick drums, floor toms, timpani, or other large drums where low-frequency energy is critical and SPLs are high, the sE Electronics V Kick is the most compact and versatile bass drum microphone in its class. The V Kick’s integrated swivel joint allows flexibility of placement, and its purpose-built capsule delivers a sonic character specifically tailored for bass drums. Further shaping of the sound is facilitated by two switches on the rear of the microphone. From classic punch to modern edge, the sE Electronics V Kick delivers the kick drum sound you’re going for in any music genre.


V Beat

Designed for use on snare and tom toms, the sE Electronics V Beat is the most compact drum microphone in its class. The V Beat’s purpose-built capsule delivers an extremely natural and highly detailed sound on snare drums or toms of any size. It features impressive off-axis rejection to minimize spill from proximate drums and cymbals. The V Beat’s ultra-compact design and parallel XLR connector/stand mount give it an extremely small footprint, and its rock-solid swivel mount lets you position it with great precision – aim it at any part of the drum head to achieve the desired sonic character. And paired with sE’s V Clamp, the V Beat is even quicker and easier to position. As a versatile, punchy snare and tom mic, the V Beat is hard to beat.


V Clamp

Compatible with most snare drums and toms on the market, the sE Electronics V Clamp is an amazingly fast, compact, flexible, and practical drum mic mounting system. sE designed it as the perfect companion to their V Beat for snare and tom miking, but it’s also compatible with many other popular mics. Its rugged elastic clamp enables setup and tear-down in seconds, and its robust, roadworthy design is built for years of hard-core touring. Loosening the V Clamp’s knob and adjusting the position of the rod lets you quickly adjust the height and rotation of the connected microphone, allowing positioning to capture any desired drum sound or to minimize bleed from nearby drums. The sE Electronics V Clamp is incredibly fast and painless to use. It’s a no-brainer!


V7 X

The sE Electronics V7 X delivers the perfect combination of great sound and impressive durability. Tailor-made for instruments, this microphone’s specialized aluminum voice coil delivers detailed highs and deep, clear lows from whatever you put in front of it. Experience excellent isolation from stage noise and massive amounts of gain before feedback, thanks to the V7 X’s supercardioid design. Its integrated shockmount ensures that rumble and other distracting sounds won’t become a problem, and an internal windscreen prevents wind noise from ruining your performance. The V7 X is built to last, with durable zinc alloy construction and a super-tough beveled spring steel mesh grille.


sE Electronics V Pack Venue Includes:

  • 1 V Kick bass drum mic
  • 2 V Beat tom mics with V Clamps
  • 1 V7 X supercardioid for snare drum with mic clip
  • Roadworthy plastic flight case


  • Number of Microphones:4
  • Included Models:1 x V Kick, 2 x V Beat, 1 x V7 X
  • Microphone Type:Dynamic
  • Polar Pattern:Supercardioid