Solid State Logic AWS 916

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รุ่น :  Solid State Logic AWS 916 Control Surfaces
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Solid State Logic AWS 916 16-channel Analog Mixing Console with DAW Control

16-channel/8-bus Analog Mixing Console and DAW Control Surface with 16 Motorized Faders, Onboard Signal Processing, and SuperAnalogue Technology
The Solid State Logic AWS 916 workstation packs premium analog console sound and amazing DAW control into a remarkably compact footprint, keeping all the functions you need on hand, without the slightest degree of compromise in either sound quality or ergonomics. On the analog side, the AWS 916 is a complete 16-channel/8-bus standalone mixer with 16 analog inputs. Each of the AWS 916’s channels features a top-of-the-line SSL SuperAnalogue microphone preamplifier, a line-level input, and a 4-band EQ — all based on classic SSL technology.

Solid State Logic AWS 916 Features:

  • Traditional SSL preamps offer 75dB of gain and classic sound
  • Phantom power, phase reverse, and -20dB pad onboard
  • 3-way, mode-dependent insert points available per channel
  • 4-band EQ with switchable E/G Series characteristics
  • 2 channel dynamics and a Master Bus compressor built in
  • Same DC-coupled circuit design found in SSL’s top gear
  • Transparent signal path exceeds 24-bit/192kHz resolution
  • Extremely wide frequency range with flat response
  • Ultra-low distortion performance won’t color your sound
  • Virtually non-existent noise floor offers extended dynamics
  • 16 channel faders provide DAW track automation
  • Fully equipped transport offers total playback control
  • Detailed TFT display lets you access advanced options
  • HUI control provides compatibility with most DAWs
  • Responds dynamically to sophisticated DAW feedback
  • An extensive and logical set of main function controls
  • Monitor section lets you manage 4 sets of speakers
  • Communications module covers talkback and listen
  • Includes cue/bus management, dynamics, and more
  • Easily store and recall all your console settings
  • Most settings recall instantly and automatically
  • TFT display makes resetting manual controls simple
  • Auto Scan highlights non-matching settings
  • Logictivity software lets you manage snapshots



  • Type:Analog
  • Channels:16
  • Computer Connectivity:6 x MIDI, 1 x Ethernet, 2 x Serial (9-pin)
  • Faders:17 x 100mm
  • Phantom Power:16
  • Aux Sends:4 x FX
  • Busses/Groups:2 x Bus (Main Stereo)
  • Headphones:2 x 1/4″
  • Talkback:Yes
  • EQ Bands:4-band (E-Series, G-Series Switch)
  • Effects:Yes
  • Height:36″
  • Width:56″
  • Depth:34″
  • Weight:238 lbs.