Solid State Logic SSL Nucleus2

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Solid State Logic SSL Nucleus2

Nucleus2 is a unique proposition for the professional project studio with a perfect blend of advanced DAW control, transparent SuperAnalogueTM monitoring with talkback, SSL console grade mic pres, pro quality Dante audio interface and bundled SSL Native plug-ins. There is no other product available which offers the professional producer all of these elements, with benchmark audio performance and elegant ergonomics. Not only is it unique but Nucleus2 is also outstanding value; these elements bought separately would cost more and deliver a less elegant solution.

Nucleus2 is a compact, portable desktop unit that creates a comfortable, efficient, hands on operating environment for DAW based Music and Film/TV Post production. It provides everything you need to record and monitor audio and to control your DAW quickly and efficiently without resorting to your mouse. Nucleus2 streamlines your workflow and helps you focus on your sound, not your screen.



  • Ethernet-connected DAW controller for pro and project studios
  • Compatible with all major DAWs, including ProTools, Cubase/Nuendo, and Logic
  • Switch between 3 connected DAWs with a single button press
  • 2 banks of 8-channel controls, plus center section
  • Touch-sensitive 100mm motorized faders
  • Digital Scribble Strips, assignable V-Pots, and soft keys
  • User-customizable key-command and DAW mapping
  • Remote Logictivity Browser affords quick and easy configuration
  • Non-volatile SD card project storage
  • High-quality jog/shuttle wheel and large heavy-duty transport buttons
  • Self-illuminating buttons, LEDs, and DAW Level Metering for superior visual feedback
  • 2 stereo sets of +4dBu monitor outputs deliver world-class SuperAnalogue audio quality
  • High-quality 24-bit/44.1kHz-96kHz Dante over Ethernet audio interface
  • 2 mic/line/instrument Combi XLR inputs to audio interface and monitor outs
  • Digital S/PDIF I/O to audio interface AD/DA
  • Zero-latency Record monitoring with input/DAW playback wet/dry control
  • 2 legendary SuperAnalogue mic preamps – identical to those in SSL Duality and AWS consoles
  • Mic inputs fitted with 80Hz highpass filters, polarity reverse, and phantom power
  • Insert send/returns switched between inputs and DAW playback for mixdown
  • Additional external SuperAnalogue input monitor path accommodates additional audio interface
  • Talkback input with adjustable gain and switchable -20dB monitor DIM
  • Talkback may be switched to feed input 2 of Dante soundcard for remote over network communications
  • 2 headphone outputs, 1 iJack monitor input
  • Standard 1/4″ footswitch input
  • 3 USB sockets function as 3-port USB hub
  • Dual Ethernet ports for integrating additional Dante devices into your studio