Solid State Logic SSL ORIGIN

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รุ่น :  Solid State Logic SSL ORIGIN Recording Consoles
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Solid State Logic SSL ORIGIN

The Master Control section is the heart of ORIGIN, designed with the easily accessible features and tools needed for fast and creative session workflow. Taking sustainability, ergonomics, modern gain-staging and communication requirements into consideration, ORIGIN offers a reassuringly familiar Master Control feature-set with some ahead-of-the-curve functionality.

SSL Bus Compressor – The classic SSL Bus Compressor is a fundamental feature of SSL Master Control tiles, and sees a number of enhancements in ORIGIN. Offering new compression ratios, insert return and built-in side chain filter, the legendary mix bus glue (and punch) is ready for even the most modern of productions.

Bus Trim Masters and Routing – Central track bus routing matrix, featuring sixteen +/- 10dB Trims for the track buses, with a routing assign switches for each bus. 

Auto Sleep – The unique Auto Sleep mode enables automatic detection of prolonged inactivity to put the console in stand-by, reducing power consumption and making ORIGIN significantly more efficient than legacy SSL consoles.

Solo Master Section – Comprehensive Solo controls provide choice of Solo-In-Front with Mix balance, Solo-In-Place for Large, Small & Group faders and PFL options. Solo Level, Solo Clear and Red Light Switch complete the available options.

Mix Bus – The mix bus features a high-quality 100mm fader, with fully balanced switched Insert for external bus processing.

Monitoring – The monitoring section features independent Trims for Alternate Monitors 1 & 2, variable DIM level, MONO plus Left & Right MUTES and øL polarity switch. You can select your monitor source from the main mix, three external stereo sources or a front panel stereo 3.5mm jack input, with a Sum switch allowing selected sources to be listened to simultaneously.

Returns – Four Stereo Return Inputs enable ORIGIN to route to Mix and Track Buses with level controlled feeds to Stereo Foldback Outputs A & B.



  • Type:Analog Recording Console with DAW Integration
  • Channels:32
  • Faders:60mm Small Fader (per channel), 100mm Large Fader (per channel)
  • Inputs – Mic Preamps:PureDrive Mic Preamps
  • Aux Sends:2 x Stereo Cue, 4 x Mono Aux Sends
  • Busses/Groups:16+2 Bus
  • Inserts:Balanced Inserts (per channel)
  • Talkback:1 x XLR (center section), 1 x Rear Panel Listen Mic
  • EQ Bands:E-Series 242 EQ: 4-band Parametric EQ, High/Low Bell switch, High/Low Shelf switch, Sweepable HPF
  • Signal Processing:SSL Bus Compressor
  • Height:40″
  • Width:70″ (including trim)
  • Depth:43″
  • Weight:330 lbs.