Solid State Logic SSL UF1

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The Solid State Logic SSL UF1 is a powerful single fader controller equipped with a custom SSL 100mm motorised fader that provides tactile control for your DAW. With two high-resolution displays, you can quickly and easily navigate between settings and parameters, complete with an LCD display for instant visual feedback. What sets the UF1 apart from conventional DAW controllers is the ability to control up to three DAWs simultaneously, allowing you to bounce between different music software and optimise your workflow.

With an integrated weighted jog wheel and dedicated transport controls you can quickly jog/scrub your audio tracks for ultimate control. The UF1 also provides seamless integration with SSL’s 360 plugin mixer, allowing you to control your favourite SSL plugins from the UF1. There are custom DAW profiles for the most popular platforms on the market including Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Luna and more.36 customisable user keys allow you to assign custom key routing for your favourite DAW/keyboard shortcuts with a second row of transport keys that can be customised to streamline your workflow. Alongside the main motorised fader, the UF1 features four V-Pots and a notched encoder for hands-on control over all major functions and settings. You can even incorporate foot switches for added versatility. Constructed from an all-metal enclosure with a brushed anodised top plate, the UF1 is suitable for the studio and on the road.


  • 100mm motorised SSL fader for high-quality control
  • Two high-res displays, including a large 4.3″ TFT LCD display with visual feedback of DAW track names, parameters, time display and more
  • Dedicated transport controls and weighted jog/scrub wheel provide total session control
  • Dedicated HUI and MCU DAW Profiles are available for Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, Ableton Live, LUNA, and Pyramix, and the UF1 can switch to control the MASTER fader in MCU protocol DAWs
  • The UF1 enables the extension of the UC1 functionality by allowing users to control 360°-enabled channel strips like Channel Strip 2 and 4 KB directly from the UF1 surface and view the EQ curve on the UF1 large display. Master mode for the Plug-in Mixer also allows UF1 to control a different channel strip than the one selected on UC1.
  • Fully featured DAW Controller in a compact footprint allows users to control DAW pans, sends, plug-ins, and virtual instruments with ease.
  • There are 46 customizable user keys ready to assign favourite DAW commands or keyboard shortcuts.
  • The UF1’s Secondary Transport row of keys can be customized to essential workflow shortcuts like Loop on/off and click track on/off. Press the Shift button for fast access to DAW automation modes.
  • Fader Mode allows the user to use the four V-Pots underneath the large screen to control four track volumes simultaneously.
  • The large multi-purpose notched encoder allows for track banking, mouse wheel emulation for hands-on control, and control over computer system volume.
  • Users can use UF1 on its own or partner with UF8 and/or UC1 to enhance the functionality of both products, with up to three different DAWs connectable simultaneously and switched between using the Layer keys.
  • The SSL 360° Software application powers the UF1, allowing users to enjoy maximum functionality.