Aston Starlight Stereo Mounting Bar

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A Stereo Mounting Bar for Your Starlights

Purchasing Aston Microphones’ groundbreaking Starlight mic was a smart decision — congratulations! However, having a pair of small-diaphragm condenser mics gives you access to a myriad of incredibly cool stereo miking techniques. And two Starlights are much more effective if you have a stereo mounting system for them. Which leads us to Aston Microphones’ Starlight Stereo Mounting Bar. We can’t overstate the usefulness of this device. With it, you can execute stereo techniques such as XY and ORTF with the precision necessary for consistently repeatable, great-sounding results.


Aston Microphones

This English company is making waves with their UK-made mics that feature ingenious designs, distinctive visuals, and impressive sonics — particularly considering their modest price points. At Sweetwater, we’re continually impressed by the steady stream of innovation coming out of Aston, where every product is developed by preeminent technical engineers and vetted by top producers, engineers, and artists.


Starlight Stereo Mounting Bar Features:

  • Stereo mounting bar for Aston Microphones’ Starlight
  • Facilitates proper execution of stereo miking techniques such as XY and ORTF
  • Essential accessory if you own two Starlights!


  • Manufacturer Aston
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