Ibanez AZ24047-BK

ยี่ห้อ : Ibanez

ราคา : 95,400 บาท

106,000 บาท ประหยัด10%
รุ่น :  Ibanez AZ24047 กีตาร์ไฟฟ้า Electric Guitar
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ของแถม :  Hard Case
การจัดส่ง : ซื้อครบ 500 บาท จัดส่งฟรีทั่วประเทศ / จัดส่งด่วนภายในวัน ทั่วกทม. และปริมณฑล
การชำระเงิน : จ่ายหน้าร้าน 8 สาขา / โอนเงิน / เก็บปลายทาง / บัตรเครดิต /ผ่อนชำระ 0% (บางรายการ) / Shopee / Lazada


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Balanced Alder Body

Alder is regarded as one of the most balanced-sounding guitar tonewoods around, which is why Ibanez has used this material to construct the body of its AZ24047-BK model. With bright upper mid-range qualities, enriched resonance and singing sustain — this plays the perfect host for the pickups.

Ergonomic Construction

A shallow belly-cut and a deeply-carved forearm contour makes the AZ24047-BK’s body sit naturally against you; increasing playing comfort for any scenario. The elegant AZ shape also has a deep waist and different radii on each body edge curve, making it easier to play in both standing or sitting positions.

Roasted Maple Neck

Many modern high-end guitars are fitted with rock-solid Roasted Maple necks, and the AZ24047-BK is no exception. Via Ibanez’s ‘S-TECH’ special roasted treatment, this process removes all of the natural moisture retained by the neck wood which ultimately darkens the material and makes it far less vulnerable to warping when exposed to varying climates — ensuring incredible stability.

The neck has also been shaped to the unique ‘Oval C’ profile exclusive to the Ibanez AZ series, which is sealed with an oil finish that helps it feel similar to a well-played, aged guitar neck.

Stainless Steel Frets

Fitted with hard-wearing and corrosion-resistant stainless steel frets, their wide/tall jumbo design provides maximum control under the fingers for effortless vibrato and pitch-perfect string bends — enhanced with the smooth Prestige fret edge treatment.

Seymour Duncan Hyperion Pickups

Made specifically for the Ibanez AZ series, Seymour Duncan’s highly-flexible Hyperion pickups project a moderate output through alnico-5 magnets to retain the clarity of the instrument’s fundamental tone when using distortion — delivering a clear pick attack. From treble to bass, the overall tonal character is evenly-adjusted and works well with various amp settings and effect pedals.

dyna-MIX9 Switching System

To get the most out of the beautifully-voiced pickups, the ingenious dyna-MIX9 switching system offers nine sonic variations and allows you to easily switch between full humbucking and single-coil modes with just a flick of the mini switch. One mode even simulates a humbucker sound from the combination of two single-coil pickups, making the Ibanez AZ24047-BK a tonal chameleon suitable for practically any style!

High-Quality Gotoh Hardware

Ibanez has kitted out its Prestige guitars with only the finest hardware appointments, to guarantee decades of reliable use. The ultra-smooth Gotoh T1872S tremolo bridge features magnificently-machined titanium saddles and a steel tremolo block — achieving a quick note response, thick lows and rich highs. Its snap-in construction makes it easy to insert or remove the tremolo arm too.

The Gotoh MG-T locking machine offer incredible tuning stabillity and work in perfect unison with the tremolo, while significantly cutting down string-changing time so that you can spend more time playing!


  • AZ7 Oval C S-TECH WOOD Roasted Maple neck
  • 24 frets
  • Alder body
  • S-TECH WOOD Roasted Maple fretboard w/Black dot inlay
  • Jumbo Stainless Steel frets w/Prestige fret edge treatment
  • Graph Tech BLACK TUSQ XL nut
  • Seymour Duncan Hyperion 7 (S) neck pickup
  • Seymour Duncan Hyperion 7 (S) middle pickup
  • Seymour Duncan Hyperion 7 (H) bridge pickup
  • dyna-MIX9 switching system w/Alter Switch
  • Gotoh T1872S bridge
  • Chrome hardware
  • Gotoh MG-T locking machine heads
  • Luminlay side dots
  • Hardshell case included