icon Platform M+

ยี่ห้อ : iCON

ราคา : 10,900 บาท

รุ่น :  iCON Platform M+ ออดิโอ อินเตอร์เฟส Audio Interface
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Designed for mix engineers and producers looking for tactile control of their DAWs, the Icon Pro Audio Platform M+ is a modular control system with eight faders, one master fader, eight rotary knobs, transport controls, and more. It connects to your computer via USB, using MIDI protocol to control channel levels, panning positions, and other mixing decisions. On each channel you’ll not only find a 100mm motorized fader with 10-bit resolution, but also backlit buttons to quickly mute, solo, and record-enable your tracks.


The Platform M+ features software and drivers that allow it to interface with most major DAWs including Cubase, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Reason, Bitwig, and Pro Tools. If you’re a Mac user, you can use the included iMap software to the facilitate simple mapping of MIDI functions. Bank-shifting and channel-shifting buttons are provided; but if you ever find yourself in need of Platform-series gear, you can loop it in via multiple ports in the rear of the unit. A power adapter is included.


Key Features
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed Connectivity
  • Modular Construction for Expandability
  • 8 Touch-Sensitive Motorized Faders
  • Touch-Sensitive Master Fader


  • Connector: To computer: USB connector
  • Power supply: 12V2.5A DC
  • Current consumption: 2.0A or less
  • Weight: 1. 855kg (4. 1lb)
  • Dimensions: 395(L) x 196(W) x 58(H)mm
  • Dimensions: 15. 6″(L) x 7. 7″(W) x 2. 3″(H)