JBL Nano K6 Studio Monitors

ยี่ห้อ : JBL
รุ่น :  JBL Nano K6 Active Studio Monitor
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The NANO K6 powered reference monitor is a 6” standalone speaker that delivers legendary JBL sound quality and accuracy for audio production applications. Perfect for home or professional studios, the NANO K6 features the premium audio performance and detail needed for referencing, mixing and mastering. The monitor also features a sleek design, making it well-suited for any studio or production environment.

Like the rest of the NANO K Series, the K6 features JBL’s patented Image Control Waveguide technology—derived from the flagship M2 master reference monitors—which delivers excellent depth and detail across a broad sweet spot. With this level of accuracy and performance, the monitors provide an ideal referencing experience that allows you to make critical decisions about your mix.

Beyond JBL’s renowned sound quality, the NANO K6 features a vintage-style VU meter, which is positioned between the tweeter and woofer for quick monitoring of input levels. Plus, if Bluetooth functionality is desired, the NANO K6 easily pairs with the Nano KX Bluetooth volume controller, which adds wireless streaming capabilities to your monitor. Altogether, with iconic JBL audio quality, a stylish form factor and simple controls, the NANO K6 reference monitor is ideal for any studio or workspace.



  • Legendary JBL sound quality and accuracy for audio production
  • Image Control Waveguide delivers precise imaging and clarity with a broad sweet spot
  • Optimally positioned tweeter and woofer provides aligned acoustic center and eliminates phasing issues found in other speakers
  • Vintage-style VU meter offers quick and simple monitoring of levels
  • Stylish design with bright orange ring around woofer and music-themed silhouette on rear
  • Power switch and volume control on the front panel offer easy control
  • Pairs perfectly with JBL NANO KX Bluetooth volume controller for Bluetooth integration and wireless streaming capabilities