Kawai CA501 เปียโนไฟฟ้า

ยี่ห้อ : Kawai

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รุ่น :  Kawai CA501 เปียโนไฟฟ้า Digital Piano
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Grand piano sound

Kawai use Harmonic Imaging XL to produce the SK-EX Competition Grand sound while playing. This uses multiple samples per note as with previous models, however, the sample taken is longer which adds to the attack. It’s also recorded from the perspective of the player, perfectly reproducing the experience of playing on one of the gold-standard grands. If this wasn’t enough, there are 45 sounds altogether with 13 piano sounds including the Kawai EX, the SK-5 and the K-60!


While Bluetooth MIDI has been an option with previous CA models, the CA501 now has Bluetooth Audio Connectivity for wireless audio playback from smart devices. Both MIDI and Audio Bluetooth are version 5 for the best sound quality. Whether you’re wanting to play along or stream music from your piano’s speakers, the Kawai CA501 offers ultra-low latency and better reliability.

Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth, you can also control piano settings with your phone via the PianoRemote app’s Virtual Technician. This can affect everything from tuning to hammer noise, decay time and temperament. Not only are you offered the best piano sounds, but you also get to adjust them to your exact specifications.

All the important functions

Part of the attraction of a digital piano are the additional features that make playing a delight, and the Kawai CA501 has all of these. The included metronome also has 100 drum rhythms to accompany you. There’s included reverb and effects, along with split, dual and transpose functions for the keyboard. You can also record your own tracks with internal recorder, or you can use the internal songs already on the system!

Improved speakers

The speaker system on the CA501 is powerful and clear, designed so that the piano sounds the same regardless of where you are in the room. With 100 W of power, you can be sure that you’ll be heard easily. Mounted above the top speakers, the diffusers expand on technology from the CA701 and CA901 to expand your tonal projection and offer the most natural tone.



  • Type: Grand Feel Compact
  • Key material: Wood
  • Pivot mechanism: Seesaw pivot
  • Number of sensors: Three
  • Let-off Yes
  • Counterweights Yes
  • Key surfaces: Ivory Touch

Piano sound

  • Type: Harmonic Imaging XL
  • Sound engine: 88-key Stereo Sampling
  • Maximum polyphony: 256 notes
  • Piano source: SK-EX-L (Competition Grand)/EK/SK-5/K-60
  • Number of piano sounds: 13 sounds
  • Number of total sounds: 45 sounds

Virtual technicial

  • Number of parameters: 21 (via PianoRemote app)
  • Smart Mode: Yes, 10 presets

User interface

  • Type: Cheekblock control panel
  • Button type: Printed
  • Display resolution: 126 x 64 pixel OLED

Speaker system

  • Configuration: 13 cm x 2, (12 x 8) cm x 2 with diffusers
  • Power: 100 W (50 W x 2)

Additional functions

  • Bluetooth: MIDI (v5), audio (v5)
  • Lesson function: 12 books, 568 songs
  • Headphone output: SHS, phones type select
  • Adjustment app: PianoRemote (iOS/Android)
  • AC power adaptor: PS-242


  • Headphones: 1/4″ stereo, 1/8″ stereo
  • MIDI/USB: USB to Host, USB to Device
  • Audio: Line in (L/R), line out (L/R)


  • Pedals: Damper (half), sostenuto, soft (half); Grand Feel Pedal System
  • Music rest: Collapsible type (3 angle adjustability), score support pins
  • Keyboard cover: Sliding type
  • Dimensions: 1425 x 485 x 930 mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 66 kg