Kawai Novus NV10S Hybrid Digital Piano

ยี่ห้อ : Kawai

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รุ่น :  Kawai Novus NV10S เปียโนไฟฟ้า Digital Piano
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The touch of an acoustic piano

Kawai understands that the key to an authentic piano experience is the action. This is why the Millennium III hybrid action serves as the centrepiece of the Novus NV10S. Renowned for the revolutionary use of extended spruce key sticks and individually weighted ABS-Carbon components, the keys are made stronger, lighter, and inevitably more stable than conventional wooden parts seen in acoustic pianos. Since the Novus NV10S is a hybrid piano, there are no strings for these ABS hammers to strike. Instead, the precise movements of the hammers are captured using high-resolution optical sensors mounted over the action. With the touch and feel of an acoustic piano, the NV10S really is indistinguishable from a grand piano.

Integrated hammer sensing system

The NV10S gives you more control over your performance. Created with lighter materials, the NV10S allows you to play with extra speed, without compromising comfort. Thanks to the Integrated Hammer Sensing System (IHSS), the NV10S reveals the subtle nuances of every single note. The key sensors are carefully placed so to respond to the lightest of touches. This is perfect for more complex performances where notes are repeated in quick succession.

Introducing PiaBookPlayer – Kawai’s brand new app

Do you often look at a piece of music and wonder how it should sound? With Kawai’s brand new PiaBookPlayer app, you can now instantly find out! This brand new app enables you to view the notated scores of the lesson songs and practise pieces built into your digital piano, so now you can listen to them playing with meticulous detail via the Shigeru grand piano sound.

By taking advantage of the wireless Bluetooth MIDI feature built into this piano, you can now listen to your favourite classical piano music from the comfort of your armchair. Want to use the PiaBookPlayer app instead of sheet music? With the app, you can use the piano’s soft or sostenuto pedals for hands-free page-turning.

To unlock all of the PiaBookPiano features, make sure you’ve got the latest software update on your Kawai piano. Head over to the App Store or Play Store to connect your smart device to your piano.

The sound damper system

Advanced piano players require a high-quality dampening system for an expressive performance. The NV10S utilises an updated hybrid method to achieve the most dynamic response possible. Despite there being no strings, the high precision optical sensors can transmit detailed information levels to pick out the subtle nuances in your style. When engaged, the pedal subtly releases key pressure for a more authentic likeness to acoustic pianos.

Onkyo collaboration

Kawai’s collaboration with hi-fi audio company Onkyo gives the NV10S the sound projection and clarity it deserves. The DIDRC filter technology removes the unnecessary high frequencies and static noise that digital instruments produce at loud volumes, resulting in a more natural sound. This feature maintains the classic tone assigned to Kawai pianos, while eliminating any unwanted background noise.

The NV10S’ speakers are specifically positioned to project groups of frequencies. The lower facing speakers produce warm, thick bass tones, while the top speakers project clear highs. The result is a rounded overall sound with an authentic projection for both the audience and the performer. Onkyo have also designed the headphone speaker experience, so your rehearsals and private use remain immersive.

Sound and functions

Built into the NV10S is a 5” LCD touchscreen display to access a range of functions to enhance your enjoyment of the hybrid piano. In Pianist mode, you can adjust the rendering characteristics of the piano to change the tonal qualities and also the resonance depth for even more control. The Virtual Technician allows various characteristics of the sounds to be adjusted from the key volume, damper noise, and touch curve, for example. Kawai’s multi-instrument sound engine includes electric and acoustic pianos, organs, and strings to name a few. Sounds can also be layered and split for a standard split function or 4 hands.

Kawai 5 year European warranty

As an expression of the confidence Kawai have in the design and manufacturing of their instruments, they offer a 5-year warranty for parts and labour with all their digital pianos. Within the first two years, which is covered by Gear4music, simply contact our Customer Services team on 0330 365 444 and we will organise the repair/replacement, subject to the issue. Kawai will honour any manufacturing defects after this two-year period subject to completing the warranty information which will be enclosed with your piano and Kawai will organise the repair/replacement as deemed necessary.