Mackie MTest-1

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Universal Cable Tester with Intelligent Pin Matching

Whether you’re troubleshooting store-bought cables or building your own, a quality tester is essential gear for the musician or pro/live sound professional. The Mackie MTest-1 Cable Tester includes seven common female connectors (XLR, 1/4″, speakON, and more) and universal signal probes to test virtually any type of cable — even unlike and uncommon types. An LED dial indicates continuity and proper grounding at a glance. The MTest-1 is powered by a standard 9-volt battery and includes a battery test function so you can be sure, wherever you work and play, that your cables are good to go.

7 essential connector types:

  • 1/4″ TS — unbalanced instrument and amp/speaker cables
  • 1/4″ TRS — balanced patch and speaker cables
  • 5-pin DIN — MIDI and lighting cables
  • RCA/phono — found on DJ and consumer gear
  • XLR — balanced microphone and patch cables
  • speakON — amp/speaker and pro audio speaker cables
  • 1/8″ TRS — common among consumer media players

Universal signal probes

Even if your cable type isn’t represented by the MTest-1’s standard female connectors, included signal probes allow you to test continuity between virtually any cable type.

Intelligent pin matching

It can be tricky to test, say, an XLR to 1/4″ TS cable with a traditional cable tester. The Mackie MTest-1 automatically senses which inputs you’re using and matches pins accordingly.

Built for the road

On the road or at home, the MTest-1’s “Built-like-a-Tank” construction keeps this cable tester going strong.

Mackie MTest-1 Cable Tester Features:

  • Universal cable tester
  • 7 common female connector types
  • Tests like (TS-TS) and unlike (XLR-TRS) cable types
  • Intelligent pin matching between unlike cables
  • Universal signal probes test connectivity between virtually any cable type
  • Powered by a single 9-volt battery
  • Onboard battery check function
  • “Built-like-a-Tank” construction


  • Type:Continuity, Pin Matching, Grounding
  • Compatibility:MIDI, 1/4″, 1/8″, RCA, XLR, SpeakOn, Banana
  • Power Source:9-volt Battery