Sennheiser ew 300 G4-MKE2

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The Sennheiser EW 300 G4-MKE2 is an easy-to-use rackmount wireless lavalier microphone system with professional-level features for enhanced reliability and control. It offers variable RF power, an exceptionally wide tuning range, Ethernet networking for multi-channel setups, and an intuitive interface with an OLED display and jog wheel. The system delivers high-quality, reliable audio to presenters, clergy, lecturers, and performers working in business and educational settings, houses-of-worship, theaters, or on musical stages.

The EW 300 G4-MKE2 includes a true-diversity, half-rack receiver housed in a rugged, full-metal chassis. The receiver’s auto-scan function searches an 88 MHz UHF tuning range with 3520 selectable frequencies available, seeking out a clean, interference-free channel for your audio transmission. The high-contrast OLED display with automatic dimming, along with a convenient jog wheel allow you make quick adjustments, even in low-light situations.

For pristine sound capture, the EW 300 G4-MKE2 features a high-grade MKE 2 omnidirectional lavalier mic with a sweat-resistant, easy-to-conceal miniature design. The bodypack transmitter provides up to 8 hours of operation on two AA batteries, with a selectable 10/30/50mW RF power output for overcoming interference in difficult RF environments. The transmission range is up to 330′.

The Ethernet connection on the receiver supports Wireless Systems Manager (WSM) control software for advanced frequency coordination in multi-channel setups. Up to 32 wireless mics can operate simultaneously in the same space.

The EW 300 G4-MKE2 is backward-compatible with all previous evolution systems. You can mix and match G4/G3/G2/G1 receivers or bodypack, handheld, and plug-on transmitters. It is also compatible with EW 100 and EW 300 systems.


ew 300 G4-MKE 2 Spec

  • Transducer principle pre-polarized condensor
  • microphone  Pick-up pattern
  • omni-directional  Sensitivity (free field, no
  • load) (1 kHz)  5 mV/Pa, ± 3 dB
  • Max. SPL at 1 kHz  142 dB
  • Frequency response  20 to 20.000 Hz ± 3 dB
  • “Equivalent noise level  A-weighted (DIN IEC 651)”
    26 dB