Walrus Audio Mako Series D1 V.2 Stereo Delay เอฟเฟคกีตาร์

ยี่ห้อ : Walrus Audio

ราคา : 12,900 บาท

รุ่น :  Walrus Audio Mako Series D1 V.2 เอฟเฟคก้อน Strombox
การจัดส่ง : ซื้อครบ 500 บาท จัดส่งฟรีทั่วประเทศ / จัดส่งด่วนภายในวัน ทั่วกทม. และปริมณฑล
การชำระเงิน : จ่ายหน้าร้าน 8 สาขา / โอนเงิน / เก็บปลายทาง / บัตรเครดิต /ผ่อนชำระ 0% (บางรายการ) / Shopee / Lazada


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Five powerful programs

The Mako delay pedal comes with five separate and distinct delay programs to add incredible depth to your sound. The five variations consist of a Digital, Mod, Vintage, Dual, and Reverse setting, each affecting your sound in completely different ways and offering full sound discovery. The Digital setting ensures crisp and clear articulation, perfect for rhythm guitarists looking to add sweet layers of depth to their sound. The Mod mode comes prepacked with unique modulation LFOs. Running at multiple rates, the delay is wild and unpredictable, but it sounds so good because of it warping your sound in random and unique ways.

If you are looking for echoes of the past, then the vintage program is the setting that will have you drooling. It’s inspired by the iconic sound of tape-delays achieved by applying complex filtering to the repeats of the sound. When used with the tone knob, you can obtain sounds that are brooding in nature, infusing a dark element to your sound. The Dual setting is the most experimental, and of course that creates equally otherworldly sounds. Running two delays simultaneously, the repetitions can be controlled and placed out of phase with the use of the division switch. The Reverse does what it says and plays the delay memory backwards.

A premium construction

This pedal is built for both playability and durability, with a chassis that is constructed to stand the tests of time, and your stomps on stage, you can be assured that this pedal will remain in your setup for a long time. Two stereo inputs and outputs gives the pedal multiple applications, allowing it to be used with a multitude of instruments and effects. The stereo output can be controlled, allowing you as the performer to dictate how wide the two delays are panned, infusing a sense of distance in your mix.


  • 5 Delay Types (Digital, Mod, Vintage, Dual, Reverse)
  • 3 Subdivisions (Quarter, Eighth and Dotted Eighth)
  • Stereo: Yes
  • Midi: Yes
  • Tap Tempo: Yes
  • Bypass: Switchable (True Bypass, True Bypass + Trails, Buffered Bypass)
  • Power: 9V DC, Centre Negative
  • Current Draw: 300mA
  • Dimensions: 12.4 x 6.4 x 6.7 cm