Marshall 1912 Cabinet

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Do not be fooled by its size. The Marshall 1912 150 Watt guitar cab features one 12″ Celestion speaker that delivers a surprising amount of power.

Easy to transport between gigs, the 1912 cab can be used as a single extension cab for a combo amp or can be used in pairs for a portable stereo rack setup.

The small yet powerful 1912 cab can be run as a single cab, or be paired with another 1912 for a stereo setup. Its compact design and lighter weight, together with its full-grip side handles, make it ideal for smaller gigs. But don’t be fooled by its size; the 1912’s impressive 150 Watts kick out stacks of volume. Loaded with a Celestion G12B-150, which has a larger voice coil (2”) than the GT12-Ts (1.75”) found in the 1960A/B. The 1912 produces, for its size, surprisingly rich lower-mid frequencies.


  • Cabinet Type: Base
  • Speaker Type: Celestion G12B-150
  • Speaker Configutation: 1 x 12″
  • Power (RMS): 150W
  • Selectable (Mono/Stereo): No
  • Impedance (Mono): 8 Ohm
  • Impedance (Stereo): No
  • Dimensions (mm): 510 x 465 x 290
  • Weight (kg): 14.6